The Race… Sponsored by Dirt Bag Paddlers Magazine

The Race… Sponsored by Dirt Bag Paddlers Magazine

What’s up peeps? I’m sure everyone is gearing down getting ready for our best Muddy Rivers Festival yet.  It’s amazing to see so much rain falling here just before our festival.


I don’t want to jinx it but it’s looking like we’ll have some primo water in the creek for our festival.  Base flow is already there.  Currently it’s sitting at about a foot, and by all means, probably more due to last night’s big thunderstorm.  


This weekend they’re calling for 2-3 inches of snow on the plateau too. And there’s 2 more chances for rain between now and the festival.  With water levels at premium, there’s no reason why we can’t hold the coolest race the Plateau has ever seen!


Enter Dirt Bag Paddler Magazine.  Our local DBP Ambassador, Wes Brietenbach is teaming up with us to navigate the logistics of holding a downriver whitewater race in Class 3 Spring Creek Canyon.  Big thanks to Wes for undertaking this huge responsibility.


Now for the particulars… This race is a downriver timed solo race from the seal launch at Waterloo Falls to the bottom of Big Daddy, the last big Class 3 rapid on the run.  The action ends with a massive boof right in the middle of the river.  The large eddy on the right is the finish line.


Racers will start on 15 second intervals and sprint downriver, over first drop, through Meatgrinder, down Electric Slide, and through Big Daddy rapid. This is sure to be an EPIC showdown. May the best and the fastest boater win.


Once the course is finished, racers can either wait on the main boater group or travel on downriver to Tom’s house for some surfing and ramp shenanigans. 


So if you’re interested in racing Class 3 Spring Creek, meet at the concrete beach just above Waterloo Falls Saturday March 25th at 1pm. 


Afterwards, winners will be announced at the main stage of Muddy Rivers and online at