Summer News and More!

Summer News and More!


What’s up MuRFers? How’s the MuRFLiFE treating you? We’ve been hard at work since the festival, getting our paying jobs in line and caught up.  It’s been a long road to say the least.


This past weekend was the Tennessee Valley Canoe Club’s Paddle School. I taught a class on the Ocoee and made many new friends as well as helping some good folks step up their game on a world class river.  

We’ve got some cool events coming up that I’m sure you’ll all want to check out.  So keep reading for the scoop!

July 1st through the 3rd, we’re co hosting the ‘Merica Party Freedom Fest at Hiwassee Flip Flop Burgers in Reliance, TN.  About 2 years ago, our good friend, Bryan Mayhew, bought the Hiwassee Angler, which is right on the Hiwassee River, with big dreams of something great.  He’s worked his butt off, making this old fishing store into a burger joint/ bar for folks to enjoy when coming off the river.  Bryan has graciously allowed us to use his establishment to celebrate our veterans of US military service. So we are planning a huge party there.  This party will be three days of music, river running, and foolishness.  Camping is available onsite and boats are available for rent from the Webb store right across the bridge. On Saturday June 1 we will host a guided trip down class 2 Hiwassee River. On Sunday June 2 we will take a wild trip down Class 3+ Ocoee River.  Raft spaces are available from O.A.R and Adventures Unlimited. We’ll help you secure your spot on a raft and we’ll all paddle down together. Monday July 3 we’ll drive 1.5 hours to NC and all paddle the Nantahala together. There will be food, drink and live music each night back at the bar.  Expect live musical performances from Nick Cross, The River Funk, Riverbend Reunion, Gabe and Claire, James Sayne, and more.   Hiwassee Flip Flop Burgers is located at  179 Tellico-Reliance Rd. Reliance TN.

July 8th Tom Hehnen, our local World Kayak Ambassador, will host his first Hometown Throwdown of the year at Rock Island State Park. A Hometown Throwdown is a chance for regular everyday paddler to compete in friendly competition on the river.  This event will be a Freestyle kayak showdown, with paddlers getting points for the best tricks in a timed surf at Rodeo Wave.  Spectators welcome.  We will meet at the end of Powerhouse Road in Rock Island TN July 8th 2017 at noon local time.  See you there!

Anyway, there is more coming up so stay tuned to our feed to find out more, and I truly hope to see you all at both of these events! MuRF on MuRFers!!

Philip Byard