MuRF Volunteers Needed!

MuRF Volunteers Needed!


Hey there everyone! As we count down to Muddy Rivers Festival 2017, we are still in need of volunteers to work the gate and run shuttle.



I want to remind everyone that this festival is not for profit, we donate all proceeds to Team River Runner Nashville, so they can get our VETERANS out on the water and in MOTHER NATURE.  As we all know, nature is the best healer. Just getting out of your norm for even the shortest time can be good therapy. So we do this festival to raise money for this VA program and to generate paddling gear for them to use on the water. We depend on our volunteers to help move things forward in preparation and execution of our festivities.



There are two ways to become a MuRF volunteer and help heal your VETERANS. The first way is to work 2 two hour shifts on our front gate.  There will always be 2 people working up there, so we won’t leave you alone. It’s a cool gig, because you get to meet everyone as they arrive at the festival from the river. You never know who you’ll randomly meet, as we’ve found out in previous years.



The second way to volunteer is to work as a shuttle- bunny.  This is a cool gig too.  Either you can drive your own rig (pickup truck or van) or you can take one of our truck/ trailer combo’s on a predesignated route. I.E.:  Around festival grounds, then to waterloo falls, then to upper put in, then back to waterloo, then to Tom’s house and back to the festival. We would ask you to stick to the route and to the schedule to keep things organized. To work this gig you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license. No drinking or texting and driving when running shuttle.



We treat our volunteers like real family, so expect to be welcomed with open arms. Also, all volunteers receive VIP status for the duration of the festival. VIP status gets you so much cool stuff.  We will give you a free MuRF staff tshirt, free beer (while supplies last), free BBQ at the bar (while supplies last), a free 3day pass ($30 value), and bragging rights for the next year.



PLEASE CLICK THIS LINK TO SIGN UP AS A MURF VOLUNTEER!!!  By clicking that link you’ll be taken to our schedule matrix, where you’ll need to select at least 2 separate gate shifts or 1 shuttle bunny shift.  No problem if you want to do more shifts, we’d love to have any extra help we can get. Also if you’re signed up for volunteer, it makes you “on-call” for the festival. We may need help from time to time doing small stuff like moving sound and we’ll be asking for you. Just a heads up.



Anyway guys and gals, there’s only 5 and a half weeks left as we count down to the best outdoor sports and music festival ever to grace the Cumberland Plateau. We can’t wait to see you at MuRF!!!