MuRF Race Trophy – Handcrafted by James “Woody” Woodall

MuRF Race Trophy – Handcrafted by James “Woody” Woodall

What’s up everyone? It’s another glorious Saturday, just one week away from Muddy Rivers Festival 2017. Everyone is getting so excited about the best paddling and outdoor sports festival the Cumberland Plateau has ever seen.   That’s right, MuRF 2017 is just around the corner. 

We’ve been hard at work trying to plan your first annual Muddy Rivers Festival Spring Creek whitewater race, which will start at the seal launch at Waterloo Falls. Racers will slide off the seal launch, sprint downriver, over first ledge, through the heart of Meatgrinder, and then down Big Daddy rapid, to the eddy on the right, below Big Daddy. The race course is less than a mile long, but packs the most Class 3 whitewater on the run.

The race will go down Saturday March 25th at 1pm. Racers should meet at the concrete beach above the falls at about 1245pm to sign up and get their race bibs.


This race is sponsored by Dirt Bag Paddler Magazine and will be timed by them as well.  The Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association and other volunteers will provide safety support.

James “Woody” Woodall of the TSRA and Woody’s Paddling Themed Art has been hard at work hand crafting our MuRF Race trophy. Woody crafted the trophies for an old event of ours, The Rock Island Open. Everything he makes is epic in proportion.  He has a ton of cool paddling themed artwork for sale too. So if you’re looking for that perfect gift for a paddling friend, make sure to check his Facebook page.  

Dirt Bag Paddler Magazine has been hard at work too, generating swag and prizes for racer prize packs. Everyone will get a prize, but only the fastest racer will take home the trophy.

MuRF 2017 Trophy

Also going down Saturday March 25th, is the World Kayak Hometown Throwdown Big Air Ramp Trick Contest. This friendly competition will happen at 330 at Tom’s house (the takeout for the creek) 2947 Spring Creek Rd  Cookeville, TN.  

All Muddy Rivers Festival events are spectator friendly, as you can hike in to MOST rapids, although the trails are very rugged and not for the faint of heart.  The ramp allows for spectators to watch from above or below. There will also be a freestyle competition at the hole below the ramp too.

So big thanks going out to Woody Woodall for constructing our MuRF race trophy, to the TSRA for their continued support, and to Dirt Bag Paddler  for helping to put this awesome race on! See you at MuRF 2017!